By Greg Stout

Greg StoutCompiling his first book, Windhorse Peace Pipe, the author pulled directly from his own life experiences with indigenous cultures and spiritual mentors. In an attempt to gain higher knowledge and direct contact with the Great Spirit, he sought to participate in a spiritually-based lifestyle and educate himself on the crucial conditions of Spirituality vs. Religion.

Greg Stout was raised in the “farm-land” of Illinois during the essential transformation period that began in the ’1960s and ’70s. At the age of 18, he headed west to meet and discover a life of spiritual advocacy. He schooled and trained in Arizona, Oregon, and California with mentors like Yogi Bhajan, Baba Hari Dass, Chogyam Trungpa, and Dyhan Yogi Madhusudandas from the East. From the West, beyond his Catholic roots, the author was exposed to a variety of lessons and ceremonies learned from the Paiute tribe and Lakota culture.

Greg attended a live-in teacher’s training Ashram and became a Yoga teacher in the early 70s. He continued on to study and teach yoga in several Ashrams, as well as educational and community facilities. The author has lived for the gathering of global spirituality, to learn and spread respect and honor for all of our relations in the ageless pursuit of our Creator. He chose to learn and participate in a myriad of spiritual traditions and views, where the attachment to the form disappeared, leaving only the love for the Great Spirit—the flame that lights the candle.

From the percussion section of the school band to rock-tours in the 80’s, Greg’s love for music has been a strong undercurrent in his life. Playing a wide range of drums from Tabla to a full set of Tama trap drums, the ceremonial drum and rattle are presently his chief instruments. To this day, Greg includes the Chanupa (Sacred Pipe) in his daily lifestyle, and makes time for Vision Quests and private ceremony on the mountaintops.

Greg’s passion for nature has translated into his present company Maui Lawn & Landscape, LLC, operating since 2000. Greg was also the founder of Genesis Juice Company in Eugene, Oregon in 1973, which still operates today.

The author presently works, writes, and lives with his growing family on the Hawaiian Island of Maui.