Windhorse Peace Pipe

This book attests to the author’s deep respect for the values, beliefs, and ceremonial practices of the Native American Indians. His quest for the authentic Peace Pipe of the title is just one stop on this compelling spiritual and intellectual journey.

He takes us from the West Coast of the late ’sixties through his discovery of Eastern philosophy and the power of meditation. We move on to the sheer wonderment of a full moon eclipse on the Hawaiian island of Maui, and at the sight of roaming buffalo herds in South Dakota. No less appealing than this delight in Nature are the author’s reflections on history, scientific thinking and philosophy.

Beginning with the European settlement of America, he contrasts the professed intentions with the actual cruel treatment of the First Nation Indians by the settlers, particularly those in the church. Drawing on the wisdom of Native American chiefs, covering an amazing wide-range of concepts and ideas, he challenges us to question “linear” ways of looking at things and to embrace a more holistic worldview, which, interestingly, already existed in ancient civilizations.

The author’s heartfelt admiration of Sioux spirituality and the sacred entities of Nature is a timely reminder of the potentially ruinous effect of excessive consumerism. He exhorts us to respect the Planet and “walk in balance.”
As a Rainbow Warrior, the author is a compelling advocate for the coming together of all peoples in a worldwide unification of Spiritual Intelligence.
Jenny Cowan — First Editors.Com

Windhorse Peace Pipe is fuel for global enlightenment, in preparation for our spiritual needs and best defenses for the coming changes, as we approach the “Great Mystery” in 2012 and beyond.

As free people we may learn the Truth... As free individuals we may enlighten ourselves. As we overcome religious conflict and war, we celebrate the community of all beings on Mother Earth.—With a full heart,—I raise a Pipe of Prayer to the Great Spirit of us All....
Greg Stout